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‘Ramanujan’ tells the human story of an Indian mathematician who languished in the grip of a disdainful society and a scornful academia

Abhinay Vaddi as Srinivasa Ramanujan

Set in the early 1900’s British India and England, ‘Ramanujan’ revolves around the life and times of the mathematical prodigy, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Directed by the award-winning director of ‘Mogha Mul’, ‘Bharati’ and ‘Periyar’, Gnana Rajasekaran, the film is being made simultaneously in English and Tamil.…


The Man Who Walks Differently: Perelman’s Lesson

Documentário: Grigori Perelman

A Russian documentary about Perelman in which his work is discussed by several leading mathematicians including Mikhail Gromov was released in 2011 under the title “Иноходец. Урок Перельмана“, “The Man Who Walks Differently: Perelman’s Lesson.”




Grigory Perelman está cansado da matemática e dos matemáticos

(Jornal Público,

Um génio matemático acaba de ser contemplado com um prémio de um milhão de dólares por ter resolvido um dos sete problemas mais difíceis da matemática, mas é provável que o recuse.


The Great Math Mystery

Is math invented by humans, or is it the language of the universe?

Join NOVA on a mathematical mystery tour—a provocative exploration of math’s astonishing power across the centuries. We discover math’s signature in the swirl of a nautilus shell, the whirlpool of a galaxy, and the spiral in the center of a sunflower. Math was essential to everything from the first wireless radio transmissions to the prediction and discovery of the Higgs boson and the successful landing of rovers on Mars.…


Marcus du Sautoy – Precision: The measure of All Things

Time, Distance, Mass, Moles, Heat, Light and Electricity

Professor Marcus du Sautoy explores why we are driven to measure and quantify the world around us and why we have reduced the universe to just a handful of fundamental units of measurement.

  1. Time and distance
    Professor Marcus du Sautoy tells the story of the metre and the second – how an astonishing journey across revolutionary France gave birth to the metre, and how scientists today are continuing to redefine the measurement of time and length, with extraordinary results.

Beautiful Equations

Artist and writer Matt Collings takes the plunge into an alien world of equations

Artist and writer Matt Collings takes the plunge into an alien world of equations. He asks top scientists to help him understand five of the most famous equations in science, talks to Stephen Hawking about his equation for black holes and comes face to face with a particle of anti-matter.

Along the way he discovers why Newton was right about those falling apples and how to make sense of E=mc2.…


The Challenger

The Challenger disaster

When the space shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986, it was the most shocking event in the history of American spaceflight. The deaths of seven astronauts, including the first teacher in space Christa McAuliffe, were watched live on television by millions of viewers. But what was more shocking was that the cause of the disaster might never be uncovered.


Richard Feynman: The Fantastic Mr Feynman

This is the story of the most captivating communicator in the history of science

Richard Feynman is one of the most iconic, influential and inspiring scientists of the 20th century.

He helped design the atomic bomb, solved the mystery of the Challenger Shuttle catastrophe and won a Nobel Prize.

Now, 25 years after his death – in his own words and those of his friends and family – this is the story of the most captivating communicator in the history of science.


Why U

Material for mathematics courses on the K-12 and college levels

Why U animated videos are designed as collateral material for mathematics courses on the K-12 and college levels, and as a resource for informal independent study. Rather than focusing on procedural problem solving, the objective is to give insight into the concepts on which the rules of mathematics are based.

Why U creators are currently working on the series of animated lectures entitled “Algebra”.…


Topics in the History of Mathematics

BBC Open University Productions


  1. The Emergence of Greek Mathematics
  2. The Vernacular Tradition
  3. Marin Mersenne: The Birth of Modern Geometry
  4. The Founding of the Royal Society
  5. The Birth of Calculus
  6. Non-Euclidean Geometry
  7. Paris and the New Mathematics
  8. The Liberation of Álgebra




The Emergence of Greek Mathematics

Euclid’s ‘Elements’ is one of the world’s most reprinted books.…


Más por menos

Desde el número áureo hasta el mundo de las gráficas pasando por las cónicas o las leyes del azar

La serie educativa “Más por menos“, de La aventura del saber (RTVE, 2000), se presenta dentro de un conjunto de propuestas didácticas y materiales interactivos que facilitan su utilización en el aula.

La serie, que consta de 12 documentales de 18 minutos cada uno, persigue acercar al gran público aquellos aspectos de las Matemáticas que convierten a esta materia científica en algo atractivo, interesante y útil en un sinfín de manifestaciones de nuestra actividad cotidiana.…